Pakistan has secured over $10.5 billion in pledges from international creditors at the one-day International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan in Geneva, which will help the cash-strapped country recover from last year’s devastating floods.

By the end of the first plenary session, Pakistan had received pledges totaling $8.57 billion, and in the second session, it had secured more than $2 billion.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the international community to help Pakistan build climate-resilient infrastructure and to grant access to the knowledge and resources needed to survive future catastrophes.


The delegations recalled their support for the emergency relief operations during the conference and reaffirmed their commitment to Pakistan’s people in support of a strong recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction.

All donations pledged at the Geneva conference

  • Islamic Development Bank: $4.2 billion
  • World Bank: $2 billion
  • Asian Development Bank: $1.5 billion
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: $1 billion
  • Saudi Arabia: $1 billion
  • France: $384 million
  • China: $100 million
  • United States: $100 million
  • EU: $93 million
  • Germany: $88 million
  • Japan: $77 million
  • United Kingdom: $10 million
  • Azerbaijan: $2 million

The attendees voiced their solidarity and pledged financial support for the ongoing humanitarian activities as well as the achievement of the goals and key areas. The meeting was co-hosted by Pakistan and the UN.

The World Bank has pledged $2 billion, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has pledged $1 billion, and the Islamic Development Bank Group has pledged $4.2 billion over three years.

Furthermore, Asian Development Bank has pledged $1.5 billion, while the European Union has offered $93 million, Germany has pledged $88 million, China has pledged $100 million, Japan has pledged $77 million, and so on. The French government has committed $345 million, and the United States Agency for International Development has offered $100 million.

Saudi Arabia has also committed $1 billion to assist Pakistan in reconstruction efforts.