In a bid to set a new brick smashing record in the Guinness Book of Records, Neelofar Shirazi smashed 1,000 bricks in 27 minutes at Islamabad’s multi-purpose sports stadium on Sunday. Shirazi had smashed 150 bricks last year so she decided to go for 1,000 now.

As per details, it took Shirazi only 27 minutes to smash 1,000 bricks. The 32-year girl from Battagram, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa won a cash prize of PKR 50,000 for her attempt.

The organiser of the event, Imtiaz Ahmed said it was an honour to showcase Neelofar’s talent as she has made Pakistan proud.


No one in the world has broken 1,000 bricks in a row.

“We shall send the complete video recording of the event to the Guinness Book team so that they could include her name as the world record holder in the brick-breaking category,” he said.

Later, while speaking to Gulf News Neelofar said: “My mother and members of the family, my coach Master Chen, friends and sponsors of the event are all here to support me and their presence is quite reassuring.”

“In my childhood, I used to be a shy girl and always cried when someone bullied me,” she shared. “Whenever in class or playground someone intimidated me, I became so upset that I spent hours crying and rubbing my eyes and I did this so often that it affected my eyesight.”

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Shirazi added that she wants to set a world record of breaking eight blocks with a single strike. At present, she is practicing five.

Commenting on Pakistani women, Neelofar said that women of our country have great potential to make their mark in the world, we only need to support and acknowledge their talent.