An 18-year-old girl of Pakistani origin in Italy is believed to be killed by her family after refusing an arranged marriage. Police in Italy are searching for the body of the girl named Saman Abbas who has been missing since May 5, AFP has reported.

Lieutenant Colonel Stefano Bove of the Carabinieri police has said that the girl’s parents, an uncle and two cousins, are under investigation for murder, adding that all are supposed to have taken part in the crime.

Saman Abbas, who lived in the northern town of Novellara, reportedly refused to come to Pakistan to marry her cousin.


“Saman, tonight you are not alone and you will never again be alone,” Mayor Elena Carletti said in a video posted on the local news website Reggioonline.

In May, Mayra Zulfiqar 24-year-old girl was found dead in Lahore, who had arrived in Pakistan with her parents about two months ago to attend a family wedding. Prior to her brutal murder, she had asked police for protection after accusing a man of abducting her at gunpoint.