Almost 70 per cent of patients in Pakistan are using unnecessary antibiotics, the National Institute of Health has revealed.

According to the federal Institute, frequent use of antibiotics has led to bacterias developing resistance against the drugs.

NIC has said that 25 per cent of the deaths that occur every year are due to the unnecessary use of antibiotics.


A walk was held in Islamabad to raise awareness regarding use of antibiotics.

Health experts say that patients should not take any medicine without doctor’s instructions. They have also said that the use of antibiotics is unnecessary in case of cold, flu, cough, sore throat or viral infection.

Doctors say that continuous use of antibiotics can lead to long-term diseases.

Drug-resistant microbes, including bacterias and viruses, have become a global health challenge. Human healthcare providers and veterinarians are facing an endemic of ‘superbugs’ that do not respond to traditional first and second line drugs, leading to complications and even fatalities.