On International Day against Drug Abuse, The Current decided to spread awareness on the subject considering what a grave matter of concern it is in our country. We’ve already posted a list of drugs which are very popular among the youth. Here’s a list of drugs you probably had no idea existed.


Bichoo is a local term for scorpion. In order to make a drug out of a scorpion, the bichoo is first killed and then dried in sunlight or burnt on coal. The burnt body is then crushed and mixed with tobacco or hashish and smoked. A bichoo’s tail is what is most important as it contains the venom which gives a high. Bichoo as a drug is most common in KPK.


Though shrooms are not available easily in Pakistan, they are apparently the most organic form of drug available as they don’t leave you with a hangover. You can eat them raw, dried, cooked or stewed.


Samad Bond

As strange as it sounds, Samad Bond is also used as a drug. The glue is poured on a piece of cloth and then inhaled to get a high.

Withdrawal pills for heroin addicts

Medicines which are used to help heroin addicts deal with their addiction is also used as a drug.

ADHD cure pills

Pills used to counteract attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are also surprisingly used as a drug. According to our source, the pill when taken with alcohol gives a high like cocaine.