Some things you can’t live without. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, they should be in your bag, car, backpack.

5. First Aid Kit:

Remember when you had that killer headache and you were dying for a panadol?


Make your own first aid kit with a stash of band-aids, panadol and alcohol pads. A zipper pouch is easy- to-use and compact.

Available at OLX

4. Hand Sanitiser:

You’re out to eat and can’t wash your hands?  Hand sanitiser to the rescue.

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3. Earphones:

Want to listen to music but don’t want your driver to know what you’re listening to? Need to make a few phone calls but hate having the phone stuck to your ear all the time? DO NOT leave your home without earphones.

Available at Telemart

2. Power Bank:

Is your phone always dying on you? Are your WhatsApp groups draining your battery? Don’t leave your house without a power bank.

Available at Shophive

1. Water Bottle:

Remember: You can survive two weeks without food but only three days without water. 8 glasses a day are essential. Find water bottles that cater to your needs.

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