Following the tragic PIA plane crash in Karachi and the controversy around the alleged fake licences of hundreds of Pakistani pilots, Pakistanis have become fearful when it comes to air travel. While COVID-19 lockdowns across the world have limited movements, some people are forced to travel due to various reasons.

Renowned model Hasnain Lehri, in a Twitter post, shared a harrowing flight experience with Serene Airlines and demanded that he wants answers as to why the pilot decided to increase speed and take off again moments before landing. Detailing his ordeal, Lehri said that he experienced “a glimpse of death”.

Hasnain recounted that just as the plane was about to land at Lahore Airport, the pilot increased the speed of the plane and took off again following which the plane circled around Lahore for a few minutes before he finally attempted to land again. Lehri shared that those 15-20 minutes were the longest of his life and he was not sure if he would come out of this alive.


The model added that the pilot said that he did not land due to “birds in the path”. However, neither he nor the fellow passengers were convinced with this excuse and demanded a more detailed answer on the matter.

Meanwhile, in response to Lehri’s tweet, Serene Airlines said that the complaint has been forwarded to the relevant department.

Lehri’s colleague Zara Abid was on the ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight which crashed in Karachi on May 22.