Actor Fiza Ali has claimed that religious scholar/Ramzan show host/talk show host/PTI member of Parliament, Aamir Liaquat proposed to her in front of his first and second wife on different occasions.

Actor Fiza Ali is a model and a talk show host

In a recent podcast with Entertainment Pakistan, Fiza claims that she had called Aamir and Tuba, his second wife, on her program and when they walked on the stage, she asked Tuba to stand next to her husband. Aamir then joked that Fiza could have been the one who was called on stage with him but now it was too late.

Aamir and his second wife Tuba

The first time he proposed to her was after she got divorced. He asked her to marry him in front of his first wife, Bushra and proposed in a “very nice manner…he wanted to get married to me in front of the world,” Fiza claims. Fiza was depressed during that time and ignored the proposal and then found out that he got married to Tuba.


Aamir and his first wife Bushra

When he asked her again in front of Tuba, he also “joked about it again and said it’s not too late to get married…Tuba has no problem with it”.