Singer Abdullah Qureshi has released his new single after a year’s break in collaboration with emerging musician Haider Mustehsan, featuring actor Saheefa Jabbar.

The Bhool star dons a refreshing look in the video.

Abdullah has carved his own niche in the music fraternity for 10 years. While churning out new music isn’t an easy task, Qureshi is on a roll with his new single in collaboration with Haider, the new sensation in the fraternity and also a popular choice of the Gen Z.


Hasda Rehnda is a product of Qureshi and Mustehsan’s hard work and talent. Abdullah formerly wrote this love song which has a fun vibe to it and later on when this became a duo, Haider added his own spin to it.

The song has graced the screens with a simple yet beautiful video featuring Saheefa Jabbar Khattak. Saheefa dons a simple look for her character while we see both the musicians in their element as well. Together, the melody as well as lyrics make for a single you would definitely hum along.

Last year Jabbar took to her Instagram stories to announce that she hasn’t quit acting, she has just taken a break because of lack of good scripts and progressive roles for women.


The Beti diva questioned that why do our women in drama remain oppressed despite there being diverse women in society.

“There are no good scripts out there. The scripts which are being offered to me at the moment are not up to the standards of storytelling I feel comfortable endorsing,” she said. “I am writing this today because a few rumours have made their way back to me and it does not feel nice to hear untrue things about yourself.”

Her posts raised important issues regarding portrayal of women in Pakistani dramas.

Jabbbar was last seen opposite Faysal Qureshi and Aijaz Aslam in Log Kya Kahenge.