Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander Abhinandan — who was briefly captured after his aircraft was shot down by a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) pilot — has said he saw “no reason for us to continue with any kind of hostilities”.

“I see no reason for us to continue with any kind of hostilities,” Abhinandan said in a video message. “I do not know what we should do to achieve peace but I only know that there should be peace,” he added.

During the video, Abhinandan said that neither he nor the Pakistanis know “what is happening to a Kashmiri”. “We must think with calm heads,” said the pilot.


“I saw both countries when I was coming down on a parachute, and I could not differentiate between the two countries from above,” the pilot said, adding that he sees no differences between the two countries.

“When I fell down I did not know whether I was in Pakistan or my own country India. To me, both countries looked the same, the people looked the same as well,” the pilot said in the video.

Speaking about his crash, he said he was badly injured when he was ejected from the plane. The pilot said that he was badly injured when he ejected from his aircraft and once he landed he was not able to move. He added that after landing, he tried finding out which country he was in.

“When it looked to me that I was not in my country, I tried running,” says the Indian pilot, adding that a “charged” crowd tried capturing him as well but he was saved by the Pakistan Army.