After the last match between Pakistan and India on September 2 was ruined by rain, PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) has requested ACC (Asian Cricket Council) to set a reserve day for the Pakistan-India match.

Some Weather tracking websites are predicting rain for the next 15 days in Colombo, with chances of a downpour on the day of the Pak-India match currently projected at 90 per cent. PCB has raised objections serval times, requesting a reserve day for the Pak-India clash.

After the PCB’s request, ACC has decided to set a reserve day for the Pak-India match on September 10 on Sunday. If the match is not completed on September 10 due to weather conditions, the game will restart on September 11 from the point where it ended.


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Ticket holders will also watch the match on the next day with the same tickets.

Remember that if the match ends on September 11, the Indian team will have no practice day because their next match with Sri Lanka is scheduled for September 12.