In the budget (2022-23), the government intends to impose a time-limited levy or additional income tax on the yearly income earned by the steel industry, pharmaceutical business, and other profit-generating segments, as well as increase the minimum tax from two to six percent on the import of edible oil

According to reliable sources, the government has made the decision to increase the rate of least tax on the import of edible oil from two to six percent in the next fiscal budget to boost the occurrence of levy on this large profit-earning sector. The steel sector’s minimum tax rate will be raised in the new budget.

It is worth noting that the fresh charge will only be levied on industries and sectors that make massive profits, and it would only be in place for a limited time.


According to Brecorder, the steel sector’s profits have increased by 20-30 per cent, but they are not paying the requisite tax bills. As a consequence, an extra income tax or levy on the yearly earned income by the steel industry, pharmaceutical sector, and other sectors earning windfall profits has been proposed for 1-2 years.

Added income taxor levy will be paid in conjunction with the filing of tax records. The levy would be time-limited and could be imposed for one or two years.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) levies a two per cent least tax on edible oil imports, which is decided to ascend to six per cent beginning with the next fiscal year. Earnings in the edible oil industry are very high, with massive profits, but tax payments are consistent or on the low side.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is updating a list of high-profit industries based on tax financial records, annual financial statements, and third-party data.

A new section in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 would be introduced through the new Finance Bill 2022 for the imposition of the said levy on high profit earning sectors.