The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan released a statement stating: “On July 16, the daughter of the Afghan Ambassador to Islamabad, Ms Silsila Alikhil, was ‘abducted’ for several hours and ‘severely tortured’ by unknown individuals on her way home.”

After being released from being held hostage, the Ambassador’s daughter was taken to the hospital.

“The [Afghan] Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Government of Pakistan to take immediate necessary actions to ensure full security of the Afghan Embassy and Consulates as well as the immunity of the country’s diplomats and their families in accordance with international treaties and conventions,” read the statement.


Responding to media queries in this regard, the Spokesperson of Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the daughter of the Afghan ambassador was “assaulted while riding a rented vehicle”.

According to the statement, the Islamabad Police launched a thorough investigation while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant security authorities are closely in contact with the ambassador and his family. The Afghan Ambassador’s security has been beefed up. “It is reiterated that the safety and security of the diplomatic missions, as well as the diplomats and their families, is of utmost importance. Such incidents can and will not be tolerated,” says the statement by the Foreign Ministry.

According to the medical report tweeted by journalist Ghulam Abbas Shah, the police brought in Ms Silsila. There were rope marks on her wrist and ankle.


Journalist Mubashir Zaidi tweeted, “She [Silsila Alikhil] was thrown after 5 hours with her hands & feet tied. A tissue paper & rupees 50 note with the message ‘your turn is next’ and ‘communist’ tied to her dupatta.”

Journalist Salman Masood tweeted that senior Pakistani officials are dismissing the claims of the Afghan foreign ministry and have dubbed the alleged abduction as a “baseless accusation to defame Pakistan”.

There has been no official statement released by Pakistan’s Foreign Office at the moment.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sherry Rehman condemned the incident.