Aijaz Aslam has shared that he got hurt while shooting for Log Kya Kahengay‘s suicide scene.

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Sharing the scene on social media, Aslam said that he got hurt while performing the scene because the harness broke and his neck “got stuck in the rope”.


“Those few seconds were devastating,” said the actor. “My feet were numb and swollen, my throat was choked [while my head was] head spinning. I couldn’t swallow food for a few months.”

He continued, “Those few seconds made me realise those who commit suicide go through such pain and agony and leave their families devastated forever.”

The actor also appealed to his followers to take care of their loved ones “so they don’t reach the extreme point of no return”.

The scene was not aired on television because of its sensitive content. However, it is part of the episode that has been uploaded on YouTube.

Aslam in the drama plays Haseeb, a father of two, who loses his job and is buried under debt. He is unable to fulfill his family’s wishes and collapses under the pressure because of which he takes his own life.

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Log Kya Kahengay also starres Faysal Quraishi, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, Sakina Samo and Kinza Razzak. It airs every Saturday on ARY Digital at 8pm.