Actor Sarwat Gilani has opened up about an incident when someone she knew said that they would send her a television set citing that they have nothing else to do than making babies.

The Jawani Phir Nahi Aani star was invited on Ahsan khan’s Show with her husband and shared the incident with the host that when she was expecting her second child, a relative made an inappropriate comment on her decision. The relative said, “It seems you guys are bored, shall we send you a TV?”

She elaborated that the individual meant that if the couple would spend time watching TV, they won’t get busy making babies.


The Dil-e-Muztar diva also mentioned that it was a male relative who made this comment. Moreover, the two didn’t even have an open friendship or a level of frankness that could warrant this comment.

She said that mostly such comments or remarks are passed by men and it shouldn’t be anyone’s business telling her what she should do in her personal life.

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