Televangelist Farhat Hashmi has often been criticised for her regressive views and statements.

Recently, a video on her’s surfaced on Twitter in which she is saying that marital rape does not exist. According to Hashmi, a woman cannot say no to her husband and advises wives to submit to their husbands’ ‘demands’.

Hashmi said that she wouldn’t prefer to talk on the relations between a husband and wife because they are private but because it is about religion she feels she should address the matter. Farhat then went onto say that a lot of marriages and households are affected because of such matters as they are not openly discussed.


Farhat then went onto say that women have developed a mood of resistance and are more focused towards their careers because of which they don’t have enough time for their husbands. She said that “Allah ki raza, shohar ki raza main hai aur Allah ki narazgi, shohar ki narazgi main hai.

Farhat also said that men work hard to keep their wives so the least the wives can do is to ensure they are sexually satisfied and that a woman’s mood shouldn’t count. Farhat asserted that in order to keep Allah happy, a women must keep her husband happy. She even quoted a Hadith to support her stance.

However, Farhat said that oral and anal sex is unlawful and haraam. She also said that if a woman is sick or is physically weak then she doesn’t have to oblige to her husband’s demands.