After Sunday’s humiliating defeat, which he witnessed first-hand, boxer Amir Khan has vowed to avenge Pakistan in his upcoming match with Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat.

Taking to Twitter, Khan said, “Pakistan lost to India today. Come July 12th I will avenge the loss and knock out Neeraj Goyat in our upcoming fight in Saudi Arabia.”

“Keep dreaming Amir Khan. You will witness my victory and India’s as well,” Goyat wrote in response.


Amir and Goyat will be facing each other in Jeddah on July 12. This is the first time a British Pakistani will fight an Indian Boxer and as per details, Prime Minister Imran Khan will also be attending the match.

Meanwhile, Amir has also offered to help the Pakistan cricket team “with some advise on how to stay fit and strong” and “how to be disciplined on food, diet and training.”

Several critics and experts, after Pakistan vs India, had said that Pakistan’s fielding was poor and that the players were unfit.