Anam Malik has requested media outlets and bloggers to stop sharing her modelling pictures as she she has left the profession due to religious reasons.

Sharing a post on her Instagram story, the model said: “A humble request to all media pages and bloggers, please stop posting my modelling pictures. Alhamdulillah have come out of this race.”

“‘Who looks better, who does is better’,” she continued. “There’s no other competition left but to be on the right path.”


The former model has also deleted all her modelling photos from her social media except for the ones with Zara Abid. Anam was one of the late model’s best friends. Zara was on the ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight which crashed in Karachi on May 22, 2020.

Meanwhile, Malik’s Instagram bio states, “Aur Allah jissay chahay hidayat deta hai [And Allah instructs whomever He wishes].”

Earlier, Malik had revealed that she is taking some time to educate herself on Islam and this was the reason behind her leaving her modelling career.