Pakistan’s javelin star Arshad Nadeem arrived back in Pakistan on Monday night from Budapest, where he won a silver medal in the athletics championship in Hungary.

Nadeem become the first-ever Pakistani to win a silver medal in an athletics championship, missing the gold medal by just 35cm (centimeters). He threw the javelin 87.82 meters to claim the second spot in the championship.

On his arrival, Arshad Nadeem said that better training facilities should be built around the nation.


“There isn’t a single stadium in Pakistan where we can train. To achieve victory for Pakistan, we require better training facilities and support,” he said, adding that if given the necessary resources, he might win gold at the Olympics in Paris.

Under the condition of anonymity, one of Arshad’s doctors stated that even though the Pakistan Sports Board had set up a training camp for him prior to the world championships, his daily meal allotment was only Rs850.

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Arshad, however, has battled difficulties and triumphed through hardship to become a sensation on the global stage. His first international tournament after recovering from an elbow surgery took place at the World Championships.

He remarked, “I’m grateful to everyone for their support and prayers for my accomplishment. I also want to express my gratitude to the Pakistan Sports Board and the Athletics Federation of Pakistan for their gracious assistance with the event’s planning.”