Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem has won a silver medal at the World Athletics championship in Hungary. Twelve athletes, including Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem and India’s Neraj Chopra, are competing in the javelin throw at the 2023 Athletics World Championships.

Neeraj Chopra secured the Gold medal with a throw of 88.17 meters.

In the end, there was an intense rivalry between Arshad Nadeem and Niraj Chopra, who won gold with a throw of 88.17 meters, while the national athlete took silver.


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Arshad Nadeem threw 74.80m in the first attempt 82.81m in the second attempt, 87.82m in the third, and 87.15 in the fourth.
In the final throw of the field championship, Arshad threw 81.86 meters.

Arshad Nadeem has already qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.