Before the commencement of the winter tourism season in Murree and nearby galiyaat in the coming month, a comprehensive tourist programme has been approved to guarantee the safety of visiting families, reports Express Tribune.

Under the programme, arrangements have been made for security, checking of vehicles and 24-hour clearing of snow in the district where standard “Tourism Services Rules” will also be regulated.

During the snowy season, traffic police will not permit more than the designated number of vehicles to enter Murree and beyond, 17 miles of the Toll Plaza, no vehicle will be permitted to enter the district regardless of the number that the district administration and traffic police officers may decide.


There are 215 small and large hotels in Murree overall, according to the report of the Rawalpindi deputy commissioner, and over 150 locals rent out their homes and common places. According to the tourism standard policy, there are a total of 24,239 tourist rooms available in hotels and guesthouses in Murree.

Additionally, a uniformed civil defence force will be stationed in Murree to safeguard visitors from confrontations throughout the winter months.

The local youth-led civil defence team will also be equipped with walkie-talkies and batons.
The members of this force will be spread out in the city’s major markets in various shifts. 15 volunteers from civil defence will make up the force.

A total of 50 more traffic wardens will be dispatched to Murree to manage the city’s traffic for the entire season.
Rent for both heated and non heated hotel rooms will be pre-set. The additional deputy commissioner for Murree will keep an eye on hotel rents during the peak season.

Food prices will be fixed in markets, and there will be distinct prices for each sort of entertainment. These prices and fees will be prominently displayed on banners with large prints.


The installation of a price list will be required at all venues for entertainment, including lodging and food stands.

Earlier this year in January, a traffic jam in Murree turned deadly after 23 people, including children, were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning as they waited in their cars with engines running.