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Sun’s out! Match is likely about to start! Pakistan vs India: ROUND TWO

Match will start on 4:10 PM.


Heavy rain started in Colombo.

It’s Bright and Sunny in Colombo. Indian team has arrives at Stadium.

It’s been sunny with minor clouds in Colombo. Hopefully, we will have full match without any rain.

The highly anticipated Pakistan- India was called off on Sunday due to rain in Colombo, Sri Lanka. A reserve day, Monday September 11, was scheduled in to complete the match. However, the weather is still not clear as predictions of heavy rainfall persist on Monday too.

Pakistani legend fast bowler Wasim Akram shared an update on platform X ( Formally known as Twitter) on Colombo weather.

It has been drizzling at regular intervals in Colombo. According to the weather department, there are chances of heavy rainfall after 4 PM.

Yesterday, India scored 147 runs with the loss of two wickets in 24.1 overs. Rohit Sharma scored 56 runs while Shubam Gill scored 58. Rohit and Shubam score 121 runs in partnership for the first wicket. Shadab Khan and Shaheen Afridi took 1 wicket each. The umpires waited for approximately four hours before putting the match on hold but it was drizzling continuously.

The match will start today from the point where it ended yesterday. If the match is not complete on the reserve day, both teams will get one point each.

Earlier, the group match between Pakistan and India played at PalleKele Stadium was ruined by the rain.