If you were alive during the 2000’s, chances are you probably fell down the rabbit hole that was ‘Ishq-e-Mamnoon’ or the Turkish drama ‘Ask-i-Memnu’. Particularly, the most spiciest (and bonkers) part of the drama was the forbidden romance between step mother Bihter (played by Beren Saat) and adopted son Behlul (played by Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ), and the way it captured the hearts of Pakistanis was mesmerising. But fans who are still not over the amazing chemistry between the duo will definitely enjoy the Netflix film ‘Last Call For Istanbul’, which stars both actors.

It looks like Pakistani fans are still not over how Kivanc and Beren prove they still have the game even after starring in a film after 15 long years. The two meet at New York airport after Serin (played by Beren) finds out her luggage was accidentally taken by someone, and Mehmat (played by Kivanc) helps her re-locate it. Both affirm their commitment to their partners, although Serin complains she feels her marriage is no longer satisfying her, and try to keep their feelings repressed when they have to lodge together in a hotel for the night.

It has already been two days since the film was released on Netflix and already it’s getting rave reviews for the insane chemistry between the lead actors, as well as how the themes of marriage and independence are explored. Twitter users are already over the moon watching their favourite ship heal the wound left by Ask-i-Memnu’s tragic ending. Yup I’m still not over it as well.


Yup we’re claiming these two to be our OTP for life.