The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) foiled a terrorist attack on CTD Police Station Burki Road, Lahore, as it neutralised a would-be suicide bomber who tried to blow up the building.

A police guard on duty shot the alleged suicide bomber when he did not stop for identification, a CTD spokesperson said. He said the terrorist fired at the check post, but the guard on duty shot him down in retaliatory fire. The alleged terrorist wanted to carry out a suicide attack on the police station; however, timely action by the security officials foiled his plan, the CTD official said.

The suicide bomber was wearing a suicide vest and had two hand grenades and a handgun in his possession. The bomb disposal squad defused the suicide jacket and took into possession the weapons. It also collected evidence for forensic evaluation.


No information was given about his identity by the police. Meanwhile, the police have started an investigation and were trying to trace his collaborators.

Following the attempted attack, the security forces started a search operation after cordoning off the area.