If the weather continues to be like this on Eid ul Azha, then we’ve just about had it. It is so unbelievably hot and humid that the thought of dressing up and putting on makeup is enough to send a shudder down your spine.

One way you can beat the heat and look glam at the same time is to wear bright, light, flowy clothes and dress them up with bright lipstick and statement jewellery. Like Zara Noor Abbas or Mahira Khan.

In case you don’t know what to get and where to get it from, we have you covered. Here are four beautiful earrings by talented Pakistani jewellery designers which you can get your hands on for this Eid and all the Eids to come.


Amber Sami

Lotus on a Moon by Amber Sami are simply gorgeous!

We love a traditional look on Eid day. These beautiful, classy and traditional earrings will go with a lot of outfits and stand out. To make your look even more traditional, wear the matching teeka from the same collection.

Rema Luxe

Retrato by Rema Luxe are very classy and will go with almost all joras. Made of polished metal and organic form, the ear studs sit flawlessly over the ears. The two tones of this exquisite piece make it perfect for literally every occasion.

Esfir Jewels

The Cuckoo Clock earrings by Esfir are so colourful and bright that they are bound to brighten up your day too. The quirky clock with a suspended hand-painted bird and detailed carvings topped off with a baroque pearl is very unique.

Zohra Rahman

The sterling silver Betel earrings by Zohra Rehman are very modern and will definitely add glamour to your Eid look.