Hollywood celebrity and The “Good Will Hunting” Actor Ben Affleck said that Robin William’s impact on his life was undeniable.

Williams was his inspiration and he hero-worshipped the late actor. Robin William was a Hollywood actor and comedian, known for his superb acting and comedy skills.

“I loved Robin. He was the first person that I really met or knew who was, like, ‘famous’,” he said.


The most impressive part about Robin Williams career is that he ruled the stage and got three Oscars in a row.

“I mean, he did so much for us by believing in us and also by how warm and lovely and kind he was and collaborative.”

Explaining Williams’ impact on him, Affleck said, “I wish I had known him my whole life.”

“Growing up, I didn’t have that opportunity, but when I did meet him, I was a pretty young guy; I was 24. It made a massive impression on me and I thought, ‘Okay, that’s how you do this. I’m going to spend my life trying to live up to this example.'”