Fond of food festivals? Don’t know which one was the best? The Current reviews:


The best thing about Coke Fest was that everything was well-organised and on time. From parking our cars, entrance and to the exit, everything was spot on. It started at 3:00 pm on Friday.  We were there at 4:00 pm and stalls were ready to serve. Coke Fest had a seating system that we loovvveeddd.


The con was that there were no trash bins on our way back to parking. We’re all trying to be eco-friendly. Coke Fest needs to be too.

7up Fest:

Major pros: there was daycare for kids, fireworks and to beat the traffic, a rickshaw to drop off families from parking to the food stalls.

But nothing was on time. If you didn’t follow Pakistan standard time and were there by 4:30, it was terrible. From parking to the festival area, we had to walk for 50 minutes. The rickshaw, which was supposed to drop families from parking to the ground, was not functional when we got there. Food stalls were not ready. There was no proper seating system.

Lahore and Karachi Eat:

The big boss of food festivals has now come down to just being….nice. The food variety is now limited, ranging mostly from just regular restaurant stalls to amateur ones. Food variety was limited. Vendors complained a lot about bad management.

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