Bewafa: Women come forward, relating to the storyline


Though only four episodes of ARY’s latest drama Bewafa have aired, it has created a huge stir in social media groups. Women are discussing how relevant and real the drama is.

And it is.

The drama is a great, and refreshing, watch after the ajeeb saas bahu dramas with unreal twists (the brother’s wife marrying another brother concept is just TOO MUCH). This one seems to stay true to its basic concept – why and how people cheat.

Finding messages on her husband’s phone that shouldn’t be there

Ahaan, played by the stellar Ali Rehman Khan, is a successful IT guy and his wife Kinza played by Naveen Waqar starts off not being the shakki sort but soon starts to seriously doubt her husband’s fidelity. And for good reason since Ahaan is becoming way too friendly with his co-worker Shireen played by Ushna Shah. Shireen proclaims her love for Ahaan in a voice note that Kinza hears and is OBVIOUSLY not happy about it. Ahaan tells Shireen off initially but then kind of likes talking to her too.

Justification to Kinza and presents from Shireen

Women are loving the drama because it shows, simply and starkly, how cheating can affect a family and how it, sometimes, begins. In groups, women are discussing how the same thing has happened with them or someone they know; men AND women first engaging in an emotional affair, which develops into something else. Women tend to blame the cunning and ambitious Shireen, who is developing a full game to get to Ahaan; but she isn’t the only one to blame. Ahaan is also changing her name on his phone to a guy’s name to talk to her so Kinza won’t get jealous. He is lying to Kinza to go out with Shireen on lunch dates. Kinza, with her incredibly jealous and controlling behaviour is also driving Ahaan away.

The drama also shows how this issue can affect the mental health and well being of a child since Kinza and Ahaan have a son who is old enough to understand that something is not right. He asks his father if he is bringing another wife, showing how tough suspicion and an affair can be on a full family unit.

Ushna and Ali have acted brilliantly in the drama, fully engaging with the realistic role they are playing. Naveen’s portrayal of the suspicious wife could be a lot better since she seems to exude only one emotion – distrust. Her acting is a little wooden at times, making the viewer wonder if she is even invested in the relationship.

The drama is definitely one to watch – and will be the one to discuss long after its finale.

Are you watching the drama? How do you like it?

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