Pakistani singer Bilal Saeed is facing criticism from fans and critics after he threw his microphone into the crowd during a university concert. A video of the incident went viral on social media, showing Saeed abruptly ending his performance and tossing the mic forcefully before leaving the stage.

Fans were surprised and upset by his actions, drawing comparisons to American rapper Cardi B’s mic-throwing incident. Some users expressed worry about Saeed’s anger and suggested he take a break from public appearances.


After a long wait, the singer of ‘Hogai Ghalti’ took to Instagram and explained what happened. Bilal shared pictures of himself performing at past concerts, expressing how the stage means everything to him and is where he feels most alive.

“I have always felt the most complete and the most alive while performing,” he begun his long caption. “I forget my sickness, stress, worries – I leave everything behind when I perform for my fans. And no matter what, nothing should have come in the way of me and the respect that my stage deserved from me.” Bilal acknowledged the unexpected nature of the incident and clarified that it was a response to an attendee’s misconduct.

The songwriter made it clear that he really cares about his fans. He said, “I love my fans and sometimes that love can be overwhelming for both sides.” As per Bilal, it was not the first time he had encountered someone in his audience misbehaving but he had never before reacted in such a manner.
He wrote, “It wasn’t the first time someone was misbehaving in the crowd but it was definitely the first time I gave the wrong reaction!” Without disclosing any details as to the nature of the attendee’s misconduct, Bilal firmly stated, “I should have never left the stage.”