A Hindu veterinary doctor has been arrested over blasphemy accusations in the Mirpurkhas district of Sindh.

According to reports, Ramesh Kumar was taken into custody on Monday while angry protesters burnt tyres to block roads and set ablaze shops owned by Hindus in the Phuladyon town of the city.

Reports quoted Zahid Hussain Leghari, the Station House Officer (SHO) of the local police station, as saying that a case was registered against the doctor.


He added that a proper investigation would be carried out and the doctor had been shifted to a safe location amid all the unrest.

Earlier, the head cleric of a local mosque, Maulvi Ishaq Nohri, had filed the complaint with the police alleging that the doctor had torn pages of a holy book and wrapped medicines in them.

“I urge the government to intervene and ensure the safety of Hindu Sindhis who have lived peacefully here for centuries,” said Facebook user Syma Jafri.

“Also, action must be taken against those who initiated these riots and incited violence. There is a proper lawful procedure for such cases. How can we think of killing someone, especially when it’s Youme Ali,” she added.

Being 7.5 million in number, Hindus form the biggest minority community in the country. Pakistan Hindu Council has time and again complained of minority members being “targeted under the blasphemy law by people because of personal enmity”.

According to Center for Social Justice, at least 1,490 people have been charged under the country’s blasphemy laws between 1987 and 2018.