United States (US)-based financial news outlet, Bloomberg, has confused former Abraaj chief executive officer (CEO) Arif Naqvi with President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi, Twitterati suggested on Saturday.

It was reported by Bloomberg that Naqvi, founder of Abraaj Group, was denied bail by a London judge Friday after prosecutors said he may flee to Pakistan rather than face US fraud charges.

However, while reporting the development in Naqvi’s case, Bloomberg used an image of President Alvi in what Twitterati termed as a “big blunder”.


Some believed the image was justified as the story claimed Naqvi had in his possession Alvi’s contact details.

But the popular opinion remained that Bloomberg had confused the two Arifs.

Arif Naqvi was arrested from the United Kingdom (UK) over “alleged fraud”, earlier this month.

He is the founder of defunct buyout fund, Abraaj Group — a private equity fund that used to take money from investors and buy other companies with it to improve their operations and cut costs.