For a healthy and happy fast one must drink a lot of refreshing, healthy drinks to stay hydrated throughout the day. These easy-to-make Iftar drinks will energize you, revive your senses and prepare your drained body for next day’s fasting. The Current is making the celeb’s favorite iftar and sehri. Here are the seasonal drink recipes of renowned TV anchors.

Hamid Mir’s Mint Lemonade

Have you ever seen Hamid Mir lose his cool? Well, we haven’t either and we’ve found out the secret behind this. One of Pakistan’s renowned journalist, Hamid Mir, likes to have Mint Lemonade for aftari. Here’s how you can make one for yourself too and beat this heat.


Syed Shafaat Ali’s Falsa Juice

From an impressionist to an actor, Syed Shafaat Ali has emerged to hail the comedy and entertainment industry.The man who entertains us to the fullest has a very seasonal favorite drink for iftar.

Rabia Anam’s Watermelon juice

Watermelon is a wonderful summer gift from nature and craving for a chilled yummy drink is right on point before iftar. Rabia Anam, who is hosting Geo’s Ramazan Transmission this year likes to drink watermelon juice in iftar. Here is an upscaled version of her favorite iftar drink.