A British company Ivy & Normanton has launched a range of hijabs designed specifically for female advocates to wear in court. The initiative has been welcomed by Muslim women across the United Kingdom because no specific brand made hijabs for female advocates.

Speaking to Arab News, the designers said they hoped to inspire more young Muslim women to join the legal profession.

Barrister and founder of Ivy & Normanton Karlia Lykourgou, while talking to the publication, said: “I think people aspire to be what they can see.”


“To keep encouraging diversity at the bar, we have to make sure that those who don’t fit the white, male stereotype have the tools they need so other young people can see them and believe they have a place in the profession too,” she said further, adding: “The Ivy & Normanton hijab was developed so other women could easily find a piece of clothing that expresses their identity as a Muslim and an advocate and get on with the job.”

According to the brand’s website: “I&N hijab was created in collaboration with hijab wearing members of the legal profession to be perfectly designed for court.”

“Made of 100% organic bamboo silk, it’s moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic to keep you cool in the summer and comfortable in winter, and is a perfect size and shape for tucking into a suit jacket or into a collarette, so you can express your identity as a person and a professional.”