A member of the BTS K-pop group, Suga has collaborated as a producer with solo Korean singer, PSY who is known for his song, Gangnam Style. BTS member will be adding his skills to PSY’s new song That That which will be released on April 29.

PSY always brings humor and delightful dance to his songs. His full regular album ‘9th PSY’ has 12 tracks in which it contains genres from colorful dance songs to warm emotions. PSY will release his 9th regular album ‘PSY 9th’ at 2:00 pm PST on April 29th.

This is the 9th album, ‘PSY 9th’ of PSY in which he collaborated with other Korean artists as well. He already has released a medley highlight of his album. A famous Korean actress and singer, Suzy also featured in another titled track Celeb.