The bike taxi and logistics company BYKEA has recently hinted that it will start offering a car-hailing service. Although the company has not publicly announced its plans or informed its regular users, a recent tweet from its official account suggests what it may be up to in the next weeks or months.

Since BYKEA offers slightly lower costs than its competitors, such as Uber and Careem, it has experienced tremendous growth and popularity among everyday commuters. However, given that petrol prices are so high and that people would rather take inexpensive transportation than spend money on a car, it does not seem like the ideal time to roll out such a service.

Although it is too early to speculate about BYKEA’s plans, but it is apparent that the ride-hailing company is growing and wants to expand its operations in the country. Considering its latest tweet, “hum 2 se 4 honay walay hain,” makes it obvious that the company is actively formulating a significant strategy.