According to data from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association, sales of passenger cars increased slightly in November 2022 compared to the same month in 2021.

Analysts anticipate more improvement in the upcoming months due to the better availability of raw materials for the automakers following an increase in the issue of letters of credit. In percentage terms, the increase was 39 per cent month over month.

According to The News, sales of all other models of cars, lorries, buses, tractors, jeeps, pick-ups, three-wheelers, and two-wheelers, other than the Suzuki Alto, decreased in November 2022 compared to November 2021.


On the other hand, compared to the 90,303 units sold during the same period last year, car sales fell by 39 per cent in the first five months of FY23 to 55,144 units.

According to PAMA data, there were 15,444 passenger car sales in November 22 as opposed to 15,351 in the same month last year, a rise of 0.60 per cent or 93 units. In November 2022, sales jumped from 11,129 units sold in October 2022 by 39 per cent, or 4,315 units.

Sales of cars with 1300cc displacement or more were reported at 5,831 units during this time period, a 28 per cent decrease from the 8,102 units sold during the same period the previous year.

Compared to 3,641 units sold during the same month last year, 1,854 units of 1000cc automobiles were sold in November 2022 (1,136 units of the Suzuki Cultus and 718 units of the Suzuki WagonR).

Sales of sub-1 000cc cars were 7,759 units, an increase of 4,150 units, or 115 per cent, over the 3,609 units sold the previous year.

Sales of the new Suzuki Alto were astounding, reaching 7,255 units, a 282 per cent increase over the 2,420 units sold the year before.

Bus and truck sales dropped from 532 units in November 2021 to 342 units in November 2022. Jeep and pickup truck sales decreased from 3,363 vehicles sold during the same period last year to 2,947 units sold in 2022.

Tractor sales, on the other hand, decreased from 4,617 units in November of last year to 1,240 units last November. In November 2022, 110,529 motorbikes and rickshaws were sold, compared to 166,731 in the same month the previous year.

According to a Topline Securities study, Pakistan’s overall automobile sales were roughly 20,000 units, up 35 per cent month-over-month, mainly because CKD parts were more readily available in November 2022 than they were in October 2022, which increased output.

In November 2022, Pak Suzuki reported a growth of 55 per cent month over month to 12,400 units, followed by Honda Cars’ increase of 38 per cent month over month to 1,973 units.