The past month has seen a surprising number of irresponsible acts and statements by major celebrities in Pakistan. Though one can brush them off saying that’s it okay because celebs are also human, but the fact is that they are followed by thousands of people across the country who look up to them and follow what they say. Which is why they need to be careful in what they say and do.

Here’s taking a look back at some major blunders made by celebrities in just the past month.

Hira Mani

In her appearance on Jeeto Pakistan, Hira Mani said that she believes that men are smarter than women and that a woman can sometimes make bad decisions. To this Fahad Mustafa, who hosts the show, said that’s not true and that his wife has always made the best decisions. He added, “Our country’s women are smarter than men.”


Ali Zafar

In his interview with Mubashir Lucman, Ali Zafar said that he has hung out with some of Bollywood’s most beautiful women, including Katrina Kaif and Taapsee Panu, so if he had a history they would also have an issue with him, which they don’t.

Yasir Hussain

Yasir made not one but two major blunders. A few weeks back, Yasir cracked insensitive jokes about transgenders when he revealed that he will be essaying the role of a woman in his upcoming telefilm. He later apologised for his comments and said that he did not mean to degrade anyone.

Yasir also trolled Hania Aamir when she opened up about her struggle with acne and ‘imperfect’ skin. This led to an Instagram feud between the two. But latest pictures from Nomi Ansari’s white aftar suggest that the two have patched things up.

Saboor Aly & Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

Saboor and Saheefa came under fire after Saboor posted a story on Instagram in which she appears to be making fun of the window cleaner. The actors later apologised for their video and said that the person in the video was their friend and they were cracking an “inside joke”.

Samina Peerzada

In her interview with Affan Waheed, Samina implied that friends and family can replace the need for a shrink. Her comments are problematic because mental illness is serious and requires proper medical assistance.

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