With the exception of Alsvin, Changan has announced price reductions for all locally assembled vehicles.

While Changan and every other brand in Pakistan increased the price of automobiles to an all-time high, it appears that the Chinese manufacturer has noted that Alsvin variants were far less expensive and still seemed like a good option for local car buyers as compared to other sedans from top brands.

Here are the new prices for Changan vehicles:


ModelOld invoiceNew priceReduction
Oshan X7 ComfortRs7,449,000Rs7,049,000Rs400,000
Oshan X7 FutureSenseRs7,749,000Rs7,549,000Rs200,000
Karvaan StandardRs2,469,000Rs2,419,000Rs50,000
Karvaan PlusRs2,619,000Rs2,569,000Rs50,000
Alsvin ComfortRs3,394,000  
Alsvin DCT Rs3,649,000  
Alsvin Lumiere DCT Rs3,844,000  
Changan New Car Prices in Pakistan – 19 August 2022

Oshan X7 Comfort’s price has been significantly reduced by Changan and is currently available for Rs7,049,000 as opposed to its earlier invoice of Rs7,449,000. This indicates a price reduction of Rs400,000.