In a courtroom drama unfolding on Friday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui deferred a ruling on the immediate establishment of a conservatorship for Elijah Blue Allman, son of iconic singer and actor Cher.

The court is set to revisit the contentious issue on January 29, as attorneys representing both parties continue to spar over the necessity and urgency of the conservatorship.

Cher, a recipient of Oscars and Grammys, filed a petition last week, seeking control over the finances of her 47-year-old son, Elijah Blue Allman. The legal move comes as Cher expressed concerns about Allman’s struggles with addiction and mental health, asserting that his inability to manage his finances could potentially jeopardise his life.


During Friday’s hearing, Judge Uzcategui determined that Cher’s legal team had failed to provide Allman and his lawyers with the requisite documents, impeding their ability to present a comprehensive case. Consequently, she postponed a decision, setting the stage for a follow-up hearing later this month.

Cher’s attorney, Gabrielle Vidal, emphasized the urgency of the conservatorship, highlighting a pending payment from a trust established by Allman’s late father, musician Gregg Allman. Vidal argued that the immediate establishment of the conservatorship was critical, describing it as a “life-and-death proposition.” However, Uzcategui remained unconvinced.

The judge pointed to Cher’s legal team’s reluctance to share information directly with Allman’s attorneys, citing confidentiality concerns. Cher’s lawyers defended their decision, stating that they had shared the documents with Allman’s court-appointed lawyer instead.

In a court filing preceding the hearing, Allman acknowledged his struggles with addiction and irresponsible spending but asserted that a conservatorship was unnecessary. He revealed that he is under the care of a doctor, has been sober for over three months, attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and is willing to undergo regular drug tests.

In the filing, Allman expressed gratitude for his mother’s love and support but made it clear that he does not require her “unsolicited help or support” at this time. Allman was present in court on Friday but offered only brief responses to the judge’s inquiries. His legal team opted not to comment after the hearing.

Cher did not attend the hearing, and her attorneys did not immediately respond to requests for comment. As the legal battle unfolds, the fate of the conservatorship hangs in the balance, with both sides set to present their cases in the coming weeks.