China’s broadcasters were warned on Thursday to avoid musicians with “incorrect political viewpoints” and “effeminate” styles, as part of a broader crackdown on the country’s expanding entertainment industry, as reported by Reuters.

President Xi Jinping has called for a “national rejuvenation,” with tighter Communist party control of business, education, culture and religion, as reported by Voice of America.

Two government ministries, a party agency and an industry association published fresh guidelines on Thursday. The Party’s publicity department has said that some in the entertainment industry for their alleged bad influence on the youth and for “severely polluting the social atmosphere”.

President of China Xi Jinping, has directed broadcasters to “resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal aesthetics,” the TV regulator said, using an insulting slang term for effeminate men, “niang pao” which translates to “girlie guns” in English.