Musician Xulfi will be taking over Coke Studio’s forthcoming season. The Aghosh singer has confirmed the news on his Twitter handlle. Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan popularly known as Xulfi is a producer, singer-songwriter, composer and guitarist.

“Shuru karain? (Let’s begin?),” the official twitter handle of Coke studio wrote while tagging Xulfi in the post to which the singer responded with a smile emoji, confirming that he is now taking over Coke Studio.

Earlier, this year in March Rohail Hyatt, during a Twitter exchange with a fan, revealed that he is stepping down as Coke Studio’s (CS) producer.



Rohail later in a twitter exchange suggested that Xulfi is the best option to replace him a s producer.

Hyatt joined Coke Studio in 2008 with its first season but stepped down after 6 seasons. He was later brought back for the 12th season in 2019, though it failed to impress audiences. Rohail also produced the latest Season 13, which had only twelve songs due to COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.