As government agencies in Islamabad tussle over who is responsible for Islamabad Zoo’s management, animals are suffering and being neglected, with many falling sick. Though activists have been actively campaigning for the animals’ plight, little to none is being done to help the animals who are suffering in the hot, humid Pakistani summer.

Recently, a video of the Himalayan Brown Bear caged in Islamabad Zoo has sparked outrage and furor among activists and people alike.

The video, shared by HWO Animal Rescue, shows the bear in a deplorable condition. It is having trouble breathing and is lying listlessly in its enclosure, which doesn’t even have water.


HWO Animal Rescue also shared a side by side picture of a healthy brown Himalayan Bear and the one lying in the enclosure and the difference is horrifying.

Several people, including journalists and actors, voiced their concern for the bear and tweeted to Deputy Commissioner Islamabad to take some action.

However, the DC informed that the zoo does not come under his jurisdiction. Despite that, he broke into the zoo with the police and had the bear examined by a private vet who said that the bear was fine.

Meanwhile, Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul said that a team has been constituted by her for the complete tests, profiling, medical treatment and nutritional requirements of this bear and all other animals.

It is pertinent to mention here that there is an ongoing tussle between the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation and the Ministry of Climate Change over the management of the zoo. After a petition was filed in the Islamabad High Court against the zoo’s management, the court had handed over management of the city’s zoo to the climate change ministry till August 29. However, the director of Marghazar Zoo is resisting the transfer and is not cooperative. He locked the gates when officials of climate change ministry went to take over control of the zoo.