The judicial magistrate East Karachi has imposed a ban on publishing the name, address and photo of the girl who was allegedly abducted from Karachi and married in LahoreThe court has banned the media from publishing any content related to the underage girl. The court also banned the media from further sharing information that has already been disclosed.

The application was filed by the state prosecutor, Muhammad Younus. The judicial magistrate accepted the district public prosecutor’s request not to reveal the identity of the girl child.

“No report in any newspaper, magazine, or news sheet of any case or proceedings in any court under these in which a child is involved shall disclose the name, address, or school, or include any particulars calculated to lead directly or indirectly to the identification of any such child, nor shall any picture be published being or including a picture of any such child in the best interest of the child,” the magistrate said in the order.


According to the written judgement, the Child Restraint Marriage Act prohibits revealing victims’ identities, addresses, and images in the media as a protective measure.