Pakistan customs department has seized illegal goods worth approximately Rs60 million in separate incidents over the past week, indicating that the campaign against the smuggling of contraband goods into and out of Pakistan is in full swing.

The Exports Collectorate prevented an attempt to smuggle a sizable amount of drugs into Australia. The Exports Examination-PICT team has made a drug seizure of 47 kilogrammes of ice. Officials reported that Fida Hussain, a suspect, was detained by Customs authorities after they registered a case, according to Express Tribune.

The Enforcement Collectorate Karachi team reportedly stopped two oil tankers close to the Mochko checkpoint and found 30,000 liters of Iranian diesel that had been smuggled. The seized tankers and smuggled diesel are estimated to be worth a total of Rs27.5 million.



Another incident involved a trailer truck that was loaded with urea and was headed for Karachi when it was illegally crossed into Balochistan by the Enforcement Karachi at the Mochko checkpoint.

Deputy Commissioner Keamari has received the truck and seized urea for further legal action. The truck hauling urea is estimated to be worth Rs29 million.