Danyal Zafar has shared one of his favourite scenes from his ongoing Ramzan special drama Taana Baana.

The scene which shows Danyal and Alizeh on the beach was “coincidently” also the last scene they shot together.

“One of my favourite scenes between Zain and Zoya, which coincidentally [also] happened to be the last scene we shot for the drama,” wrote Danyal. “It was a wrap right after this.”


“When I read in the script that Zain sings for Zoya, I asked Saife Hasan [director] bhai, if I could sing a few lines of the OST, which would kinda break the fourth wall, but could also serve to be the icing on the cake, since it’s been their song and could elevate the ‘romance’ between Zain and Zoya,” he added.


“In the entirety of the scene, I realised Saife bhai didn’t say anything to us, he was smiling throughout while looking at the monitor; a moment I felt kinda proud of myself because for me that indicated we were doing it right,” continued Zafar, adding: “Or at least well enough to strum a few chords in everyone’s hearts, because everyone was just smiling.”

Zafar also gave a shot out to his co-actor Alizeh Shah for doing a “phenomenal job”.

While Taana Baana appears to be a typical romantic comedy, when you start watching it you are immediately pulled into it due to a variety of reasons ranging from the script to the cast and their performances. 

Featuring Zafar (Zain), Alizeh (Zoya), Javeria Abbasi (Fozia), Aamir Qureshi (Zain’s Father), Ismat Zaidi (Zain’s Dadi ), Komal Rizvi (Zebunnisa) and Hassan Noman(Shahid, Zebnunnisa’s husband), Taana Baana revolves around the newly married couple of Zain and Zoya and the challenges they face.