It’s common knowledge that Pakistanis will disagree and kickstart phadda’s over every topic, but the one thing we can all agree on is that our drama OSTs will remain unmatched.

When a new drama pops up on our screen, it might not manage to shake off the already established regressive stereotypes, but there is always a good chance that we get a fun new track to listen to for the next few weeks.

Yesterday this Twitter user asked their followers about their favourite drama OST, and the responses were a like a tribute to our music industry.


We’re adding these new recommendations to our listening list.

Like always, we weren’t surprised to notice how the most popular response remained the Dastaan title track sung by Sohail Haider.

Another popular verdict was the title track ‘Dildara’ sung by Azaan Sami Khan for ‘Kuch Ankahi’

Another underrated but incredibly loved title song was from the drama ‘Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu’ which was sung by Bilal Khan.

Giving you serious flashbacks to every single wedding you attended since the moment this song dropped online.