DISCLAIMER: This review is not sponsored. The Current has done its own independent research for this review.

Looking to buy a fridge? Which one is the most popular in Pakistan? We compare two – Dawlance and Kenwood – that are the most popular in your city. According to our research, Orient, PEL and Haier are also very popular but salespeople at local stores claim that these two are the ones which are most commonly bought.

The table below gives a brief outline of the two fridges.


Rs 33,000 – 55,000Rs 45,000 – 65,000
Service Centres: 4 in Karachi, 2 in LahoreService Centres: 4 in Karachi, 3 in Lahore
3-way coolingUnbreakable models
Works on low voltageBest in load shedding
Warranty – 12 yearsWarranty – 3 years

Because of its services, price and warranty time period, Dawlance emerges as a winner.