A chapter about Allama Iqbal in a book recommended for Political Science syllabus has been removed by Delhi University, after a discussion at the Academic Council meeting.

According to Indian news organization ANI, the Vice Chancellor, Yogesh Singh, said that those who laid the foundation to break India should not be taught to students:

“Iqbal wrote songs supporting the ‘Muslim League’ and the ‘Pakistan Movement’. Iqbal was the first to raise the idea of the partition of India and the establishment of Pakistan and said that instead of teaching about such people, we should study our national heroes.”


The right-wing student movement Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad has welcomed the motion, saying Iqbal was a ‘fanatic theological scholar’ who was responsible for the partition of India.

“Delhi University academic council decided to scrap fanatic theological scholar Mohd Iqbal from DU’s political science syllabus. It was previously included in BA’s sixth-semester paper titled ‘Modern Indian political thought. Mohammad Iqbal is called the ‘philosophical father of Pakistan’. He was the key player in establishing Jinnah as a leader in Muslim League. Mohammad Iqbal is as responsible for India’s partition as Mohammad Ali Jinnah is.”