Flight operations out of Islamabad International Airport have been greatly affected due to heavy fog in the federal capital and twin city of Rawalpindi.

According to Geo News, three flights arriving in Islamabad were diverted to Lahore and Peshawar, while the arrival and departure of dozens of other flights have been affected.

A private airline’s flight from Karachi to Islamabad landed in Lahore after half an hour of waiting in the air, while the Sharjah-Islamabad flight PK 182 also landed in Peshawar. The flight arriving in Islamabad from Dubai also shifted to Lahore.


According to the aviation department, a British Airways flight from Islamabad to London and an Emirates flight kept waiting for clearance to depart for Dubai.

Flights from Islamabad to Gilgit and Bahrain could not depart on time as fog reduced visibility.

The reports of dense fog have been received from all around the city which is hindering the normal lifestyle.