Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Akram recently appeared in Voice Over Man and the host, during the show, said that a google search shows that Minal’s husband Ahsan Mohsin Akram is very “rich and stable.”

During the interview the host jokingly asked Minal that why did she choose Ahsan over him? To which Minal on a lighter note stated the reason, “as you said in the introduction, he is rich and stable.” However, the actor took no time to clarify that that’s not the reason and she was joking.

Ahsan revealed that he has pined his contact on Minal Khan’s phone, which is why she replies to him instantly.


The anchor asked Ahsan how he introduces his wife to his friends, giving him five options. Ahsan chose none of the given options, after which Minal instantly interrupted him saying that Ahsan’s friends get surprised that he has married someone.